Start A Great Career With Wine Making

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Do you love to make wine but do not have requisite cash to start your own winery or vineyard? Do not worry as you can go for wine jobs to get involved in the process of wine making. Wine jobs can prove to be great career options that fulfill your desire and provide you a lucrative avenue. Here is a quick look over the avenues open for winemakers.

If you choose to be a head honcho of a wine company then there are several duties which have to be taken care of by you. Apart from supervising the production process, the winemaker has to keep an eye over the production staff. Also, you will have to regulate the inventory, organize all the reports, control the budget, conduct the training, regulate the safety and security of the firm etc. Most importantly, the winemaker has to work in tandem with vineyard manager to ensure that the grapes produced should be taken care of.

The position of the head honcho is the most significant position in the wine industry and therefore one has to undergo intensive training and should have sufficient experience for being at this position. A degree in Enology and at least five years of experience and technical knowledge of wine making is required to take up this job. Besides, to be a head he should have strong managerial skills. There are universities and degree colleges which offer degree course in viticulture which is desirable for taking up wine jobs.

Remuneration package of winemakers varies with the experience and qualification. But, normally, winemakers earn an average of $90,000 per year and with experience it increases. So, if you have decided to become a winemaker or want to be associated with wine industry, taking up course in Enology or viticulture would give you a good start. To be a winemaker, a degree, diploma in Enology is needed along with a few years of experience in working wine industry. While on the job, winemakers gain technical skills like how to recognize particular wine by smell and taste. Experience of working in vineyard, lab experience and experience in sales, serving or tasting of wine can fetch you better and high-paying opportunities.

As a winemaker, you would indulge in bottling operations, manage a vineyard, look after inventory, lab tasting of wines and keep track of budget expenditure. For becoming a winemaker, experience of working in vineyards is also desirable. A bachelor’s degree in Enology and strong organization and leadership skills can get you to the top profile. But, even if you are starting with the profile of assistant winemaker you would be paid $60,000 roughly or little more. Also, there are some people who start their career in wine industry as a cellar associate. This is the technical profile and you should be well aware of the process of wine making to take up this position. Duties of cellar associate are racking, mixing and blending wine, keeping tabs on the temperature of the tanks, to sanitize and maintain the wine tanks etc.