Home Brew & Wine Making – Balliihoo® Solid Rubber Bungs – Pack of 5

Pack Of 5 x Balliihoo® Rubber Bungs to Fit 1 Gallon Demijohns (Demijohn Not Included)
Dimensions Are Diameter (Top) 32mm – Diameter (Bottom) 28mm.

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Home Brew & Wine Making – Pack Of 5 Harris Premium Grade Crystalbrite Filter Pads To Fit Mk 3 Vinbrite Filter

Premium grade filter pads
For use with the Vinbrite Mk3 Filter Kit
Contains 5 pads in a packet

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Home Brew & Wine Making – VinClasse® – Dried Active Yeast – 100g Tub

100 Gram Tub Dried Active Yeast For Use In Winemaking & Brewing
Useage – 1 Level Teaspoon Per Gallon
Directions – Stir Into Prepared Liquid. Activation Will Be Achieved Quickly If Kept In A Warm Temperature (21 – 24 Degrees)

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Home Brew & Wine Making – Youngs U-Brew Electric Wrap Around Brew Belt Heater

Fits Around Any 5 Gallon Fermenting Bucket, Pressure Barrel, 1 or 2 Demijohns To Maintain Good Fermentation Temperature
Model 5/2 – 25 Watts – PAT No. 1599759
Easy To Use, Economical, & Effective

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Home Brew Online 2 Pack – Stick-on LCD Thermometer

2 Pack Of Stick-On-Thermometers
Easy-to-read Thermometer for Demijohn’s, Fermentation Bins and Barrels
Very High Quality UK made – much higher quality than cheap imports and will not fade

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Home Brew Online Elderflower Sparkling Wine Equipment Pack – PET Bottles

This great value pack includes all the equipment required to make your own Elderflower Sparkling Wine
all you need to add is water, and your choice of ingredients if making to your own recipe, or we include a great recipe sheet with some suggested ingredients to try
Making Elderflower Sparkling Wine is very popular and also very easy to do.

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Home Brew Online Standard Starter Equipment Pack With Bottles

Starter Pack for Home Brewing Top Quality Beer!
Includes All the Equipment To Get Started (Ingredients bought separately)
Home Brewing your own beer, lager and cider is not only rewarding and economical, it is also very easy. Our Standard Starter Kit is great for getting into Home Brewing and makes the perfect gift for somebody who may be interested in giving it a go.

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Inkbird ITC-308S Dual Relay Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat, 12″ Stainless Long NTC Sensor DC Cord, 1.97″ Sensing Probe

Measuring temperature range: -50~99 °C / -58~210 ° F.
It just compatible with INKBIRD’s following controllers: ITC-308S,ITC-306T,ITC-310T, ITC-1000.
Probe Dimensions: 6mm x 50mm (0.24in x 1.97in).

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Solomon Grundy Gold Merlot 30 Bottle Home Brew Wine Kit

2kg Makes 30 Bottles / 22.5L
7 Day Wine Kits – Started on Monday – Drunk by Sunday
Contains Quality Juice Concentrate & all the chemicals needed

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Tiny Rebel Brewing CWTCH Welsh Red Ale 3Kg Home Brew Beer Refill Kit Makes 36 Pints (21 Litres) 4.6% ABV

Home Brew Beer Refill Ingredient – Equipment required to make (not included)
Cwtch is a Welsh Red Ale from the Tiny Rebel Brewing Company and was awarded Champion Beer of Britain 2015 by Camra (the Campaign for Real Ale). Now Muntons have produced this as a homebrew kit under licence from Tiny Rebel so you too can make this award winning beer at home.
Arguably the coolest word on the planet Cwtch is Tiny Rebel’s own very untraditional Welsh red ale. Citrus and tropical fruits dominate the taste that is backed up with caramel and roasted malt flavours that balance the moderate bitterness. Drinkability and balance makes this beer. Defy your senses and rebel against yourself are Tiny Rebel’s slogans and they have resulted in this stunning Champion Beer of Britain.

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Youngs Wine Finings – Treat 23L

Youngs Wine Finings, each sachet is designed to fine 23 litres of wine. There is no better wine clearing product on the market.

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