Beer Brewing

14cm Clear Plastic Funnel

14cm Clear Plastic Funnel

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250g Potassium Bicarbonate -FOOD GRADE!!!!

Molecular formula:KHCO3 This is 250g of Potassium bicarbonate food grade supplied in aluminium doypack pouch with resealable zip grip and heat seal.Please scroll down to see how do we send our product to avoid any damage due a transport to … Read More

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Chef Aid 10K32261 Nylon Mesh Plastic Strainer, White

Ideal for a variety of tasks such as rinsing grains and beans, fruits and vegetables
Features a plastic body with nylon mesh
Convenient handle that provides a secure grip

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Chef Aid 6 cm Nylon Tea Strainer, White

6 cm size
Made from nylon
Available in white colour

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Crown Caps

Metal Crown Caps – Gold, Blue, Red or Yellow
Available in either 100’s or bulk 1000 packs
Top Tip – Use different colour caps to differentiate your home brew!

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Despicable Me Minions Tritan Hydro Canteen 739ML

Carry/ hanging hook that unfolds from the top
Lid flicks open to expose drinking nozzle
Wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning

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GABBREIN Safety Stainless Handled Manual Can Opener Tin Opener with Bottle Cap Jar Opener in One Smooth Edge

Easy&Safety operation´╝ÜRotate open cans, easy effortless, smooth opening is not sharp, not afraid of cutting hands
High-end material: high-carbon steel wheel,hygienic and durable
Unique design:the cans won’t deformed after use can opner

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Home Brew Online Bottle Crown Capper – Metal With 100 Caps

Crown Capper for 26mm caps, made from a sturdy metal construction.
Includes 100 Gold Crown Caps
This Bottle Capper is perfect for fitting metal crown caps to both glass and PET plastic bottles. Their two handled/twin lever design makes them quick, easy and safe to use for easy fitting of 26mm crown caps.

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Home Brew Online Brown Screw Cap Top PET Plastic Bottles 500ml Basic

These bottles are a great way to store your drinks and home brewed beverages and have a wide range of uses.
Conveniently boxed in packs of 20 or 40 (choose from the drop down selection box), each bottle holds 500ml
These bottles are supplied complete with screw caps so are ready to use. The caps are tamper evident as they have a seal which is broken the first time they are used. The caps can be reused however again and again and we have spare caps available separately.

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Kitchen Craft 13cm Funnel With Removable Filter

Highly durable stainless steel funnel
Ideal for general pouring into a variety of sized bottles and containers
Features a removable filter and helpful side handle

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Kitchen Craft Round Nylon Mesh Plastic Strainer 120mm

Brand: Kitchen Craft
Product Code: KCSTRPL120
Size: 12cm

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Kitchen Craft Round Nylon Mesh Plastic Strainer, 20cm

Dishwasher safe
Heat resistant plastic frame
Size: 20 cm

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